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how to get started

Few Simple Steps
for a Successful Investment

Project Introduction

Find out more information about an investment with Chainways

Research & Concept

Talk to our team about the opportunities that can deliver results for you

Project Termination

Review the results and capitalise on them, or take your returns and enjoy life

Build your investment in a smart way

We have structured our process easily
allowing you to save time and make money!

What is this?

Should you decide to give us a try, Chainways team is always available to answer the questions you might have in regards to how we work, how your investment is treated and how we generate profits for you.

We believe transparency is the most important component in working with investors, showing how and what we do to grow your money

Which investment to choose

Choosing the right type of investment for you may prove difficult. 

Our team has over 15 years of experience in assisting clients identify the investment that fits them best. 

We provide documentation, advise, and answer all your questions in regards to how and what you should chose to invest in, disclosing all risks and benefits. 

Carefully read our contracts

Wether you are a professional investor or someone who wants to develop a portfolio, we strongly recommend all our potential clients take their time to read and ask questions about our contracts.

While investing with Chainways carries a high profitability, every client should be aware that investment carries risk, thus we inform our clients not to invest money they cannot afford to lose.

Sign and Pay

Assuming you have reached this step, the next natural course of action is to sign a contract with Chainways. 

Once the contract has been signed, our KYC and Anti Money Laundering team acnalyzes your declared source of funds and assists you in depositing your funds to start working with Chainways.

Let our team work for you

At this point, your work is complete. 

While you are out and about enjoying life, a dedicated team is working towards delivering you profits based on the investment type you selected.

We use automated data feeds for information, technical analysis and experienced traders 24/7, ensuring we do not miss out on any opportunity that allows us to make money for you.

Withdraw profits and enjoy

Chainways reports quarterly on your investment. However, to be able to deliver steady results, our agency uses 6 to 12 months strategies to grow your investment.

At the end of each lock-in period, clients are allowed a time frame of 10 days to decide what happens with their investment. 

You can either withdraw partly or fully, or choose to capitalise on your investment for another lock-in period.